St Andrews Church

St. Andrew's United Church

 United Church of Canada

40 Joseph St, Chalk River, Ontario

Susan deHaan, Designated Lay Minister (DLM)
Contact  phone 613-589-2312

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Sunday Services at 10:30 a.m.  

Serving people in the North Renfrew corridor from Petawawa to Deux Rivières, since 1875.
Member of the Renfrew Presbytery

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List of Plaques & Memorials

If you have information on Plaques and Memorials at the church contact John Fleurie




1937 - memory of Sapper Maurice A. MacDonald

1954 - organ dedicated to boys who served in the army

      - old Bible in memory of Rev. Vanderburgh bythe Mission Circle

???? - old lectern and chair

     - U/C embroidery (church crest) in memory of Cora McKay

1961 - shovel used for official sod turning ceremony

1963 - chancel cross dedicated in memory of Mrs.Ivan McKay

     - communion table in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred MacDonald

1964 - plaque for the donation of the church lights by Rev. & Mrs. Lute

1965 - pew plaques

1968 - offering plates donated and dedicated by the Mission Circle

     - balcony dedicated in memory of Mona (King) Gutzman

1969 - baptismal font in memory of William Wilson antepedia & lectern donated by Rae Law Fowler in memory of Jim Law

     - antepedia & lectern donated by MargaretLaw Richie

1983 - 6 pictures donated in memory of theCuthberts

1984 - bible on communion table in memory of Ken Tooley

     - bible stand on communion table donated by Ken & Vera Zadow

     - candle holders on communion table donated by the Coxford family

     - purple communion cloth in memory of Ruth & Bill Leach

1989 - Leach window

1991 - plaque for Harry Leach's 94th. birthday

1992 - 3 chairs on the altar in memory of AlfieMcMahon

     - 2 candelabra

1993 - Christmas tree in memory of Kevin Watters

1995 - fire exit signs in basement donated by Keith Tennant

1997 - Voices United Hymnbooks dedicated

2003 - light on piano in memory of twin daughters of Roy & Phoebe Brooks

2004 - a/c system donated by the Orange Lodge

2005 - new hymn board donated by the Wegner family

2009 - plaque for recognition of land by the Tennantfamily


Plaque: 1) Something engraved for decoration or information purposes; 2) A film of mucus & bacteria on teeth.



St Andrews United Church, Chalk River

40 Joseph St, PO Box 190, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada K0J 1J0
Phone: 613-589-2312 
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