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Serving people in the North Renfrew corridor from Petawawa to Deux Rivičres, since 1875.
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St Andrews United Church, Chalk River Welcome  Sunday March 15, 2020 

Church service at St. Andrews United Church in Chalk River is cancelled for this morning due to Coronaviros (COVID - 19)

After monitoring the government and United Church websites regarding the pandemic with respect to the Coronaviros (COVID - 19) and to enable as much social distancing as possible, the church service for this morning, Sunday March 15, 2020 is cancelled.  

Please call your family and friends, including those on this email to try to ensure they do not make the journey to the church.   St. Andrews Church Council will be monitoring the UCC and government websites for information and advice about COVID-19 related to on-going cancellations and other church/worship related information.

With that in mind please monitor the St. Andrews website, messages posted on the front door of the church and your email inbox for future information.   In the meantime here is the draft bulletin for the church service that was to be held this morning.  

As you are able, please take some time for inward and outward reflection on this the 3rd Sunday in Lent.   Take care of yourself and others.   Peace.  


Bulletin for the church service    (PDF Version - Click here)

Sermon - A conversation with Jesus  (PDF Version - Click here)

Welcome to the worship service of St. Andrew's United Church,

40 Joseph St., Chalk River, ON

Third Sunday in Lent

March 15, 2020  

Gathering of the Community of Saints

Welcome & Greeting Processional  “Throughout These Lenten Days” VU #108  Verse 1    

Call to Worship and Opening Prayer

God of grace and truth, we come to your house today to worship you. We bring all of ourselves to you, all of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We entrust our hidden, fearful, and fragile selves to your transforming power and gentle, loving care. Blessing, glory, and honour are yours alone. Thank you for the many ways your Spirit breaks into our lives and into this troubled world. We offer this prayer as we come together to worship here at St. Andrews in the name of the One whose name is above every name, Jesus Christ.  Amen.  (Adapted from the United Church of Christ- our partner denomination in the United States)  

Opening Hymn  “May the God of hope go with us”   VU #424                                                                        

Minute for Missions  

Prayer of Hope

God of mercy, hear the prayers of your thirsting people. For every time we have attributed your miracles in our lives to our own hands alone,

Forgive us, we pray.

For every time we promised to trust you but turned to our own way when your response did not come soon enough or in the way we expected,

Grant us mercy, O God.

For the many opportunities to extend forgiveness that we have refused,

Show us what it means to love, again, dear Lord.

For each way we put our own understandings above your wisdom, For each time we resist your command to be reconciled with those who believe differently from us,

Direct us in the way of peace, we pray.

For our silent sins, our quiet acts of violence, and our indifference to the suffering around us,

Forgive us, Loving One, and quench our thirst with your grace and abundance of hope; Remake us into vessels of tenderness and compassion. For Christ’s sake we pray.  Amen. (Adapted from the UCC)

Words of Assurance  

Hymn   “Guide me, O thou great Jehovah”                VU #651  

Learning Time Together         Rocky & Squeak  

Hearing God’s Word

Old Testament                     Exodus 17:1–7
Epistle                                   Romans 5:1–11
Psalm 95                                 VU #814          Part #1           
Gospel Reading                       John 4:5–42
Hymn       “Forty Days and Forty Nights”                    VU #114    

Sermon - A conversation with Jesus  (PDF Version - Click here)

Responding to God’s Call

          Life and Work of the Congregation  

Invitation to make an Offering

Through Christ we are called to be sowers of God’s truth and reapers of God’s blessings. Therefore, let us joyfully share a portion of what we have received from God so those in need may rejoice with us.

Offertory      “We Give Thee But Thine Own” verse 1  VU #543

Offering Prayer

Candle lighting- in remembrance                              VU #400
Pastoral Prayer & the Lord's Prayer - Sung               VU #959
Closing Hymn    “Come, O Fount of Every Blessing” VU #559  

Benediction and Commissioning  

Threefold Amen
Go now in peace        





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