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35753 Hwy. 17,  Laurentian Hills, Ontario

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Museum Hours:

July and August
Thursday thru Monday 10:00 - 4:00
By Appointment


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**Thanks to a grant from Deep River and District  Community Foundation


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Wee Bit of Townshp History
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History in the New Millenium

Native Artifacts Collection

A Whispered History: The People of Buchanan Township

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Town of Deep River

Town of Laurentian Hills

Townships of Head, Clara, Maria

Other interesting Links

"Algonquins to Atoms Along the Ottawa" (A look at the history of the Ottawa River)

Virtual Museum of Canada 

Head Clara Maria Local History Online

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The Rolph, Buchanan, Wylie and McKay Historical Society own and operate the School House Museum and have been in operation for more than 30 years.  The society is incorporated as a registered charity, under and a member of the Ontario Historical Society and is a member of the Renfrew County Museum Network, Ontario Museums Association and the Ontario Museum Association.

The Schoolhouse Museum contains unique collections of records, artifacts and photographs -some dating back over a thousand years.  The collection preserves and showcases the history of the in the Upper Ottawa Valley, including the Town of Laurentian Hills and Deep River ( formerly the  four townships of Rolph, Buchanan, Wylie and McKay  (RBWM) which also originally included Deep River), as well as, Head, Clara, Maria and the Pontica. The Museum showcased many facets of local history people, places, and activities along the Ottawa River in the Upper Ottawa Valley, such as: ·        

  • Native: canoes, tools, arrows and spears,     

  • Pioneer: lumbering, trapping, farming, cooking, homes, clothing, tools, equipment,     

  • Industrialization: hydroelectric dam and nuclear research,        

  • Transportation by canoe, steam, trails, road, highways, railroads, and air, and       

  • Communities, businesses, schools, churches and social institutions, and more.

The Museum is open to the public from June through to September and by appointment.  Tours are available.

The Museum has 4 main building on the grounds, as well, as artifacts on the grounds: ·        

  • The Schoolhouse - this is a reconstructed building based on the original Rolph SS#3 Schoolhouse which was located on the site.   

  • The Church - this church was originally located in the Rolphton Colony and was moved to the museum when the colony closed.

  • The Log House - the building was reconstructed from an old 2 storey log home from the Pontiac which was donated and then salvaged/dismantled. , moved and reconstructed by museum volunteers. The authentic Log House is fully furnished.

  • The Machine Shed - this large shed built on the site to house farming and logging implements and equipment.       

  • The Quyon Tugboat – Donated by Ron Bowes and Myro Mykolyshyn.    

  • The CP Railroad Caboose - Donated by George Viens.

  • And much much more

Throughout the year, volunteers work to maintain the buildings, hold events and fundraisers, maintain the collection of artifacts and inventory database, create and build displays showcasing our history, research and record and building local history, make presentations to various organizations on the history, and work on virtual exhibits online.






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