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Wee Bit of History -Part 1, Part 2

Part 2


Logging was the first Industry in the Townships as noted by Lumber Baron John Egan in a speech to the Lumberman's Association in 1851, "That works such as "Dams'"and "Slides" were built. on the Chalk River as early as 1838". To accommodate the Lumberman in moving their logs down the Ottawa, Lumber Companies used "tugs" to tow the booms of logs, thus became the need for Stopping places to supply the tugs with fuel, "wood". Many "stopping" places were in operation in the Townships of Rolph & Buchanan in the late 1800's. This method of transportation continued well in to the 1930's, long after the Pembroke/Mattawa Road was built, with Construction of the road beginning after the 1854 survey was completed.

One of the Early Tugs on the Ottawa River

Railroad Station, Chalk River, late 1800's


In the early 1880's, with the building of the Railway through the Townships of Rolph, Buchanan & Wylie the areas where stations were built, namely, Moore Lake, Bass Lake, Wylie and Chalk River, once again the population in the Townships grew rapidly.


In 1918, with the approval from the Dominion Forestry Branch construction on a Forestry Research Center began in the township of Buchanan.


In 1945, construction of a Research Center in Buchanan Township began and caused a great population "boom' in the townships.


Construction by Ontario Hydro on a Power Dam at Rolphton, in 1945, also helped swell the population in the Area. Using the well known "Swisha" Rapids for its site. Power was first produced in 1950.


In the fall of 1956, a joint venture between Ontario Hydro, Canadian General Electric, AECL, and the Provincial Government saw construction of a Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant get under way, near the hamlet of Rolphton.

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