A Whispered History:

The Storyteller


Gerald Nadeau remembers the Ottawa River community as it was when he was a boyering the Old Days

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Gerald Nadeau spent his boyhood years in Buchanan Township on his Uncle Roger’s farm, helping to tend to the lighthouse and observing the people around him. Gerald can recall stories about the early days with a crystal clear memory.

These stories cover the time from 1830 when the first homesteaders laid claim to unyielding plots of land along the Ottawa River, to 1944 when His Majesty The King expropriated the Township of Buchanan for the war effort. Today, Gerald is one of the only remaining links that enable historians to catch a glimpse at what daily life in an Ottawa Valley pioneer community was like.

A Whispered History: The People of Buchanan Township aims to share Gerald’s unforgettable stories, both heartening and heartbreaking, about the settlers of Buchanan Township before they are forgotten forever.


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The Early Settlers

The Women

The Vagabonds

The Outsiders

The Lost Community

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