A Whispered History:

The Vagabonds of Buchanan Township

Bill Ladoucer on the shores of Oiseau Bay.

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As dependency on the logging industry waned, seasonal transience in Buchanan Township gave way to more normalized daily work routines in local industry. However, some men had famously vagrant natures and continued to live on nature’s timetable.  


Louis Oreille (the spelling is uncertain) was an Algonquin from Maniwaki who finally settled in Buchanan Township after some time of wandering.  

 Louis Oreille

  Sam Abraham was a Syrian peddler who sold his trinkets along the Ottawa River, to settlers who had no stores to frequent.

Sam Abraham, the Syrian River Peddler

Bill Ladoucer was once described as a “lazy, lovable, aggravating child of nature.” He squatted on land owned by P.K. Smith across the Ottawa River from Buchanan Township, until Smith bought him his own piece of property in Buchanan. 

  Bill Ladoucer

Bill had four brothers who shared his nature. As young men they would sometimes make the long hike along the Ottawa River to Chapeau for a dance.



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