A Whispered History:

 The Lost Community of Buchanan Township

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In September 1944 some Government men came to Buchanan and hired a motorboat from John Robert in Balmer’s Bay, and spent the next week and a half studying the river depths and currents. Soon after, most residents learned that they were being expropriated from their land and they left Buchanan forever the following year.


By the 1940’s, the agricultural conditions in Buchanan were worsening and the residents were becoming aware of just how badly their land was failing them.

The Failing Land That The Settlers Lost

When the Government announced that most residents would have to leave Buchanan Township, the community was torn, in more ways than one.

A Community Lost

Most of the residents, like Gerald's uncle Roger McLeod, dismantled their buildings and relocated them, because they didn’t have the means to start from scratch.

Relocating a Life Can Be A Pain In The Neck

In 2008, Gerald Nadeau looks back on the expropriation of his childhood home with a new perspective.

Coming Full Circle


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The Early Settlers

The Women

The Vagabonds

The Outsiders

The Lost Community

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