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Recommended Reading
Lee, David. Lumber Kings and Shantymen.
Moodie, Susannah. Roughing It In The Bush.
Mercer, Jennifer. Staying The Run.


1. Listen to Gerald’s story about Joseph Nadeau’s boxing match over a wharf (The Early Settlers, # 4 and # 3). Pretend you are a sports reporter for the Upper Canadian Daily News. Create a newspaper article about the event. Remember to include the Who, What, When, Where, and most importantly, Why.

2. Listen to Gerald’s story about the people of Buchanan losing their land (Lost Community of Buchanan, # 2). Do some of your own research about the settlers being expropriated. Work with a partner, and write a short play about an encounter between a Buchanan resident and a Government representative. Deliver your play in front of the class.

3. Many of Gerald’s humorous and interesting stories are anecdotes. Define anecdotes. Choose 3 stories and write a paragraph about each, describing what broad historical truths the stories are demonstrating. Possible choices include: The Suit (The Vagabonds of Buchanan, # 4); The Boxing Match (Early Settlers of Buchanan, # 4); Mrs. Richard and the pig (Women of Buchanan, #1); Westmeath (Lost Community of Buchanan, # 1).

4. Pretend that you are a Government Representative in 1944 charged with deciding where a nuclear research laboratory should be built. What factors would you consider? Do you agree with the choice of Buchanan Township? Write a short report (1-2 pages) to Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King explaining your rationale.



A. Listen to Gerald’s description about the food available in Buchanan Township (The Early Settlers of Buchanan, # 1). Research the food of Upper Canada. Pretend that you operate a Stopping Place, and create a restaurant menu.

B. Listen to the story about Mrs. Richard chasing after the pig in the middle of the night (The Women of Buchanan, # 1). Pretend that you are Mrs. Richard’s son or daughter following her. Write a journal entry about that night.

C. Listen to Gerald’s descriptions of Louis Oreille and Sam Abraham (Vagabonds of Buchanan, # 1 and # 2). Draw a picture of them. Or, write a poem about them.

D. Pretend that you were a pioneer in Buchanan Township selling berries to the wealthy cottagers and you saw inside their summer homes. Or, pretend that you are a pioneer in Buchanan Township and you saw the Steamboat cruise going by. Write a letter to your friend in the next township about what you saw, and how it made you feel. (The Outsiders to Buchanan, # 1 and # 2).

E. Pretend that you were a pioneer in Buchanan Township looking over the Eaton’s catalogue (The Women of Buchanan, # 1). What things do you think you would want most, and why? Write a birthday wish list.



Follow the whisper below to hear more stories about life in Buchanan Township....

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The Early Settlers

The Women

The Vagabonds

The Outsiders

The Lost Community

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